3 Signs You Need Retina Surgery

3 Signs You Need Retina Surgery

Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana is here to help when you need retina surgery. No patient likes to hear that they need eye surgery, but the retina is prone to some conditions that can be helped with surgery. Keep reading about retina surgery in Baton Rouge, LA, and come see us if you recognize any of these signs you may need surgery.

The retina

The retina is one of the most complex structures of the eye. It is responsible for receiving light into the eye and communicating the image with the brain through the optic nerve. As important as your retina is, it is also very delicate and can get damaged. There are also certain conditions that could lead you to need retina surgery in Baton Rouge, LA.

Common problems and signs of trouble

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a deterioration of the eye’s macula, a small part of your retina responsible for helping you see fine details. As it deteriorates you can lose vision in the center of your visual field.

Retinal detachment is when part or all of the retina tears away from the back of the eye. This can occur due to diabetes, injury, or other medical issues. Signs of this include seeing flashing lights, some patients compare this to a ‘seeing stars’ feeling. Other signs can be seeing lots of floaters in your vision all of a sudden, noticing a shadow in your peripheral vision, or a gray curtain that covers part of your vision.

Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease. It occurs when blood vessels in the retina swell and leak fluid, or close off completely. It usually affects both eyes, but often has no symptoms in the early stages. As it progresses you can notice signs including blurry vision, an increasing number of floaters, poor night vision, colors appearing washed out, and general loss of vision.

Retina surgery in Baton Rouge, LA

Retina surgery is performed with lasers that can precisely target without damaging any healthy structures. Procedures are performed in our office under local anesthesia. If you notice signs you may need retina surgery in Baton Rouge, LA, Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana can help. If you have any eye or vision concerns, contact us for an appointment at (225) 768-8833.

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