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Retina Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA

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One of the most intricate structures in the eye is the retina. The retina is responsible for receiving light into the eyes and sending images to the brain through the optic nerve. It can be affected by several diseases. No matter the condition you’re suffering from, our board-certified ophthalmologists can diagnose and treat your eye problems with precise retina surgery in Baton Rouge.

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Problems We Can Address with Retina Surgery in Baton Rouge, LA

The light-sensitive retina can develop many problems. Our highly-skilled team can address these issues through various treatments and retina surgery in Baton Rouge.

Macular degeneration – an age-related disorder of the yellow, oval-shaped macula that causes loss of vision in the center of your visual field. This problem affects 11 million Americans.
Retinal detachment – a condition in which a portion of the retina tears from the back of your eye due to diabetes, injury, or other medical problems.
Diabetic retinopathy – the proliferation of tiny blood vessels within the retina that can cause bulging and leaking of the retina.
Retinitis pigmentosa – the loss of peripheral vision.
Macular puckers – wrinkles in the macula that result in image distortion. Otherwise known as epiretinal membranes.

How We Maintain Your Eye Health with Baton Rouge Retina Surgery

Before considering Baton Rouge retina surgery, we will diagnose our patients with a thorough eye exam and OCT (ocular coherence tomography). This procedure will let your ophthalmologist take cross-sectional images of your eye with the help of a yellow dye.

Additionally, we use Fluorescein Angiography and Fundus Photography to take detailed photos of the retina. These images show the retina’s blood vessels and indicate if they are weak, there are too many, or if they are bulging.

With retina surgery in Baton Rouge, our doctors will address vascular issues and structural abnormalities of the retina with innovative lasers. These instruments are exact and safe and can be used to treat vision problems. Our specialists have many years of experience performing retina surgery in Baton Rouge and can ensure your well-being.

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