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Eye problems are serious issues that should be treated as soon as possible. As the leading retina eye clinic in Baton Rouge, you can trust that our doctors will deliver top-notch, compassionate care. Whether it’s treating vision loss, diagnosing retinal issues, or vitreoretinal eye surgery, our retina eye clinic in Baton Rouge is here to protect and preserve your sight.  

Contact our office to schedule an appointment today, or log in to the patient portal to view your records if you are an existing patient.

Services Offered at Our Baton Rouge Retina Eye Clinic

At Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana, we strive to provide the best eye care possible through experience, training, and state-of-the-art technology. The compassionate doctors and staff at our retina eye clinic in Baton Rouge are here to help you with your retina and vitreous issues, including:

Macular Degeneration
Vision Loss
Diabetes-Related Issues
Geographic Atrophy
And More

The doctors at our Baton Rouge retina eye clinic have years of specialized training and experience and have helped thousands of people with various types of vitreoretinal diseases and issues. Call our office today at 225-768-8833 and schedule an appointment.

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Make an Appointment with Our Retina Eye Clinic in Baton Rouge

Don’t let your eye issues get worse. Call our retina eye clinic in Baton Rouge today and restore your vision. From micro-incision vitrectomy surgery to treating eye problems caused by diabetes, our doctors are Louisiana’s leading experts in retina and vitreous treatments and are here to help you.

Whether it’s protecting your vision or maintaining your eye health, you can trust our compassionate care providers. Call 225-768-8833 to schedule an appointment today at our Baton Rouge retina eye clinic and start repairing your vision.  

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