When You Should Visit An Eye Doctor

When You Should Visit An Eye Doctor

According to the American Optometric Association, everyone, but especially older adults, need to have their eyes professionally examined every year. The best individual to ask about the needed frequency of your eye exams is your eye doctor here at the Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, LA, Dr. John Couvillion, Dr. Barbara Noguchi, or Dr. Robert Mason. Here are common signs that indicate you require an eye exam immediately:

You Can’t Focus Even When You Squint Hard

Vision changes could mean lots of things. Anytime that you suspect any changes in your eyesight, it’s vital to go to your eye doctor in Baton Rouge, LA, for an exam just to be on the safe side. Those changes could be nothing, something more serious, or perhaps you just have to get your prescription lenses or glasses modified.

You Are Experiencing Headaches Around Your Eyes

Straining to see things could easily give you a headache. Headaches around your temple, also called frontal headaches, can mean that you need reading glasses or that your current prescription is too strong. It is, however, crucial to point out that headaches with visual disturbances could mean something more serious such as reduced blood supply to your optic nerve or retina or a tear in your retina. Likewise, a headache that comes with blurred vision in both or one eye could indicate a swollen optic nerve or optic neuritis, which requires emergency medical attention.

Your Have Reduced Vision at Night

If you find it more difficult than normal to see things at night, the dark could be aggravating your farsightedness. If you stare at digital screens for extended periods or oncoming headlights easily irritate your eyes at night, you may need anti-glare coatings as well. If these coatings don’t work, especially if you’re older than 50, you may have cataracts.

You Have Dry Eyes

In women, eyes may seem drier as they age. This could result in various issues such as reflexive tearing and blurred vision, which are common signs of dry eyes. With this in mind, simple vision changes don’t warrant immediate help, but any kind of discomfort or pain, eye discharge, or redness should be looked at as soon as possible.

Need an Eye Exam? Give Us a Call

Set up a consultation with one of our eye doctors, Dr. John Couvillion, Dr. Barbara Noguchi, or Dr. Robert Mason, here at the Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, LA, by calling (225) 768-8833.

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