Why Does Diabetes Cause Vision Loss

Why Does Diabetes Cause Vision Loss

Diabetes can affect a person’s body in numerous ways, and one of the most surprising for many is it can cause vision loss. While your eyes and diabetes diagnosis may not seem connected at first, diabetes is one of the leading causes of vision loss in adults.

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Issues That Cause Vision Loss from Diabetes

Diabetes can cause two main eye-related issues that can lead to vision loss. The first and most common issue is diabetic retinopathy. This diabetes-related vision issue happens when high blood sugar damages the blood vessels in the retina. The damaged vessels swell and leak, causing blurry vision. If left untreated, diabetic retinopathy will lead to complete loss of vision and typically affects both eyes.

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Macular edema is a diabetic vision loss issue that stems from diabetic retinopathy. When the blood vessels leak, they can cause swelling in the macula – the central part of the retina. This may lead to blindness if untreated.

Diabetes also accelerates some more common vision loss problems including glaucoma and cataracts. Much like other diabetes-related vision loss issues, cataracts in diabetic patients develop more quickly due to the damage high blood sugar causes to the structure of the eye. People who are diabetic are also more susceptible to glaucoma, a disease that affects the optic nerves.

If you suffer from diabetes, it’s important to have regular eye exams to catch these diabetes-related vision loss issues early and prevent irreversible damage.

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Treating Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

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Diabetes and vision loss are scary topics for many people. Fortunately, for those who suffer from these conditions, treatment may repair and prevent damage to the eyes. Treatment for diabetes-related vision loss includes:

  • Laser therapy
  • Medicines
  • Vitrectomy
  • Retinal reattachment, if necessary
  • Intravitreal/intraocular injections

In many cases, a patient’s vision may be fully restored if the diabetes-related vision loss is noticed in the early stages. Being proactive is the best prevention for vision loss. Managing your diabetes as best as possible, staying active, and having regular exams are a few of the best ways to prevent or slow disease progress.

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Get Diabetes-Related Vision Loss Treatment from The Best

It’s important to catch diabetes-related vision issues early so the damage can be repaired and further damage avoided. At Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana, we strive to provide each patient with exceptional eye care. Our highly skilled doctors are experts in their field and can help you if you are experiencing diabetes-related vision loss. Call our office today at 225-768-8833 and protect your vision.

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