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Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is required when cataracts become so severe that they affect an individual’s vision. This common procedure involves removing the natural lens from the patient’s eyes and replacing it with a permanent lens implant. Each implant is custom-made to fit each patient’s prescription and eye length.

Cataract surgery can be done through outpatient services and does not require stitches. Patients are able to go home that same day after cataract surgery. The patient is subject to pre-operative testing about a week before the surgery. This includes a blood test and an electrocardiogram.

After cataract surgery, the patient will need to wear an eye patch for 24 hours. Eye drops are necessary for the entire 2–4-week recovery period to prevent eye infection. One eye is treated at a time when cataract surgery is needed.

Cataract Surgery Side Effects

The skin of a cataract can sometimes cause vision cloudiness after surgery. Laser treatment can remove any cloudiness that may occur.

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