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A cataract is the clouding of the natural lenses, which are responsible for focusing light and creating sharp images. The lens is contained in a sealed bag or capsule. The capsule traps old lens cells as they die. Over time, the cells accumulate, causing the lens to cloud and make images appear blurry or fuzzy. Cataracts can be caused by diabetes and natural aging and are occasionally present at birth.

A gradual decrease in vision and glare are the most common signs of cataracts. Symptoms caused by cataracts – such as not seeing well enough to perform regular activities – are the main reason a person removes cataracts. Most surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. An incision is made using a local anesthetic, and the opacified lenses are removed. An intraocular, clear lens implant is inserted in its place. New glasses are usually required after surgery.

Improve Your Vision with Cataract Surgery

Call Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana if you believe you are experiencing cataract-related vision impairment. Our specialists will examine your eyes and provide treatment to improve your sight.

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