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Crossed Eyes

Crossed Eyes

Six muscles work together to control movement in each eye. The brain controls the eye muscles to keep the eyes aligned. The brain must have these muscles working together to create a single image from the two images it receives from each eye. Strabismus, or crossed eyes, occurs when one or more of the eye muscles malfunctions, leading to misalignment.

It is best to detect and treat crossed eyes in children early, as they are adaptable. A child who sees two images at once will quickly learn to block or suppress one image to keep his or her single vision. The brain temporarily blocks the vision of the turned eye, which causes weak or amblyopic eyes. Strabismus can be caused by trauma, eye diseases, and sometimes even surgery. Strabismus can also be passed down through generations.

Strabismus can show itself with crossed or turned eyes, squinting, head tilt or turn, head rotation, or double vision. The patient’s age, the cause, and the type and extent of the eye turn will all play a role in the treatment. The treatment options for crossed eyes include corrective glasses, surgery, vision therapy, and patching.

Treatment for Crossed Eyes

If you or someone in your family has crossed eyes and you’re looking for treatment, call Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana. Our eye specialists will diagnose and determine the best treatment plan for crossed eyes.

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