Intraocular Injections

Keep Your Vision for the Future

Intraocular Injections

Intraocular Injections in Baton Rouge at Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana

We perform intraocular injections in our Baton Rouge and other offices using local anesthesia. The patient will typically be seated in a chair for around 5-10 minutes to allow the topical anesthetics to work. The injections are then given in a matter of seconds.

Intraocular Injections in Baton Rouge by Retina Specialists

Intraocular injections and other procedures are performed by our retina specialists during a scheduled appointment. Our retina specialists will administer them when other retinal treatments are needed for various conditions.

If you need specialized retinal care, call to schedule an appointment so we can see you within a timely manner. We help preserve your sight so you can keep your vision far into the future.

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