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Need for Bifocals (Presbyopia)

Need for Bifocals (Presbyopia)

Presbyopia occurs when the eye’s lens incorrectly focuses light on the retina, causing difficulty in seeing clearly. Many people experience this problem after the age of 40. People who have presbyopia will first experience trouble reading print. Print requires more direct light for reading, and if patients hold their reading material closer to focus in adequate lighting, they may need bifocals for presbyopia.

Presbyopia is something that everyone eventually experiences. A simple vision test and refraction can detect it. Based on the patient’s vision history, reading or bifocal glasses or contact lenses might be prescribed. Monovision is another solution; using contact lenses or refractive surgery, one eye is adjusted for distance vision, and the other is adjusted for reading.

Think You Need Bifocals? Contact Retina & Vitreous of LA

Do you need bifocals? Do you think you have presbyopia? Contact Retina & Vitreous of Louisiana. Our trained specialists will thoroughly examine your eye problems and prescribe treatment to restore your vision.

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